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Australia, mini update

Some interesting things:
- the eggs are not refrigerated in the grocery stores
- they sell kangaroo meat
- it’s kind of chilly
- the escalators are flat/inclined, not stairs (so it’s like the escalators at the airport but they’re on an incline)
- they drive like europe on the left side (got a bit mindfucked in the cab…)
- alcohol is super expensive here (almost double the US), but wine is super cheap
- the paper is longer here (the height is different)

It’s currently: 530AM here (guess I will be forever nocturnal, even on the other side of the world)

AUS TIME = US TIME + 2 hours and switch AM/PM

All we have done is: orientation, meetings, lectures, signed up for trips, went to the mall/looked around, drank in apartments, harbor cruise and went out to bars

Going to the Blue Mountains this Sunday ^_^ Expect loads of pictures and other things

T-20 Days Until Australia